Energia Pharma Services

Created in 2018, Energia Pharma Services is a joint venture between European and African entrepeneurs. With over 20 years of succesful business, we know Africa and Africa knows us.

Choosing Energia Pharma Services is choosing for certainty and reliability: we will take excellent care of your business. We are a stable and trustworthy partner. No surprises, we communicate openly.

EPS Network

Headquarters in Belgium

Energia Pharma Services NV
Turnhout, Belgium
3 shareholders- Belgium based natural persons
Holding company

Local network in Africa

  • Energia Promotion  Kenia
  • Energia Promotion RCI
  • Energia Promotion Mali
  • Energia Promotion Burkina Faso
  • Energia Promotion  Togo
  • Energia Promotion  Benin
  • Energia Promotion RDC
  • Energia Promotion  Senegal
  • Energia Promotion  Congo
  • Energia Promotion  Niger
  • Energia Promotion Cameroun (and Chad)

Other countries

We are also active in the following countries, but without a legal entity:

  • Guinea
  • Mauritania
  • Gabon

Our partners

  • Doctors & healthcare professionals
  • Public & private Health units
  • Distributors & wholesalers
  • NGO’s & institutions
  • Opinion Leaders
  • Central purchasing organisations
  • Health authorities
  • Patients

Energia Pharma Services can represent you in over 20 countries in Africa. 

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